How to improve credit scoring?

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Scoring is based on a credit risk assessment, i.e. the client’s creditworthiness is determined by comparing his profile with the profiles of other clients who received loans. So the more our profile is similar to those paying back their loans in the past, the higher the score we will get.

This is a signal for the bank that the higher the score we have


The more likely we will be to pay our liabilities regularly and on time. Often, good scoring allows us to negotiate better credit terms, or decides whether or not to grant us any type of loan. So how can we improve our scoring when we want to get a loan?

First of all, you should order the Credit Information Bureau report, which deals with our scoring. Such a report can be obtained free of charge once every six months.

It should check if the data on the history of our loans are correct – if not, you should intervene in the bank, because BIK cannot change the information itself.

Do not make many loan applications in a short time


Credit requests are recorded in the BIK report and affect the point value that will be awarded to us. The higher the number of inquiries in the last 12 months, the lower the score will be.

Please note the consent to process your data in the bank

Give your consent to the processing of your data after closing your credit account at the time when you paid the installments regularly, but withdraw this consent in institutions where delays were 30-60 days or more.

Credit card

Do not exceed the limit on your credit card and do not withdraw cash from an ATM using it. Your score will drop the more you exceed the limit and the less time has passed since you last exceeded it.

Repay loans with the largest debt

Installments paid within 30 days are not recorded by BIK.

Zero scoring

Zero scoring

If you do not accrue a point value, which is the case when you have never had a loan, and you want to change it in the future, it is worth taking a small loan or some equipment in installments and paying it back regularly, only to be noted by BIK. In the case of zero point value, you can get a loan on worse terms than when the scoring has already been calculated.


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