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To become registered in RKI, there are many things that need to be accomplished before a creditor may register. However, the amount should be over DKK 200 just for ordinary companies. If the quantity is less than DKK a thousand, only you and your creditor notice you are registered. If it is more than 1000 kr, then you will have the ability to be seen by everyone that has access to RKI.

For public companies/authorities,   the amount must be over DKK 7, 500

For public companies / authorities, the amount must be over DKK 7,500

Pertaining to public companies/authorities,   the total amount must be over DKK seven, 500. First of all, you must have obtained 3 reminders for non-payment. Here you should not have taken care of immediately any of them until it will be possible for the creditor to meet that will criterion.

Within the last reminder letter it is important that this creditor informs you that when you do not pay the amount because of, you will be admitted to RKI.

If it is a good insurance company

If it is an insurance company

If it is a good insurance company, bank or comparable that wants to register, then your amount must be over DKK 1000 and here the case should be processed in civil or even in court before they could get you registered.

If these criteria are usually met, the creditor can register with RKI. He is able to do so only 4 weeks following the date you received the final letter regarding notification associated with registration in RKI.

You can delete your own registration at any time

You can delete your registration at any time

You are able to delete your registration anytime by contacting RKI plus telling them you do not accept the registration. It is after that up to your creditor to deliver proof that the criteria to be registered are fully fulfilled.   He can do so just 4 weeks after the date a person received the last letter concerning notification of registration within RKI.

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